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Hello, I am Dri. Lead Photographer and Owner of Smooth ImageDri. Born and raised in New York I have always been surrounded by art and creativity. From the very beginning I can't remember a time when I wasn't captivated by the magic of freezing moments through the art of photography. I am living my dream by turning so many moments into memories. I've found my sweet spot in the world of lifestyle portraits and event photography, where every click tells a story, and every image is a piece of your unique narrative.

I believe in more than just taking photos, I am here to capture the essence of who you are into every frame. Whether it's the glances during a family shoot or the chaos of an event, I'm there to encapsulate the genuine emotions, the unfiltered laughter, and the unscripted moments that make your story yours. Let's embark on this journey together, let me freeze your moments in time, creating memories that will last a lifetime.  



The Tower Studio

Text: 845-545-0907







Smooth ImageDri
Smooth ImageDri
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